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Wednesday, February 22, 2017 – Updated: 8:41 AM

The City of Cadiz on Wednesday hired Jeff Hunter to head its parks and recreation activities.

Hunter, who has previously volunteered as president of the Trigg County Youth Athletic Association, was a natural fit for the position, according to City Clerk Brian Ahart.

“The mayor felt like Jeff had basically been doing that job for free the last three or four years,” Ahart said. “The volunteers for the youth leagues have been dwindling for some time. We were needing to go ahead and hire someone quickly or the rec leagues just weren’t going to happen this summer.”

The city created the position Feb. 8 after city council held a special called meeting to hold the second reading of an ordinance that would reset the pay classification to allot for a parks and recreation director.

The city did not advertise the position but is not required to by state law.

Ahart said the city was still working to develop a full job description for the position.

“He’ll work to coordinate the youth little league and all of the sports involved with that: baseball, softball, football, soccer,” Ahart said. “â ¦ Of course then there’s also the uniforms, securing sponsors, organizing umpiring and all that. That’s his main job right out of the gate.”

The measure could also be a step toward creating a joint commission for parks and recreation activities as proposed by the Cadiz-Trigg County Tourist and Convention Commission.

Tourism commissioners voted Jan. 12 to commit 25 percent of restaurant tax collections to fund a parks and recreation committee, which would be a joint venture with the city and Trigg County.

The committee, according to a draft proposal that has not yet been finalized, would consist of a six-member panel with three representatives appointed by Mayor Todd King and three appointed by the Trigg-County Judge-Executive Hollis Alexander.

One of those appointments for both the mayor and judge-executive must be a member of the Tourism commission.

The committee would oversee parks and recreation activities and duties of the director, hired by the city. Those activities could also include the construction of a new multi-use facility at the Trigg Recreation Complex, however Ahart said the director’s position was independent of an interlocal agreement to form the committee or the building, should it come to fruition. Ahart said Hunter would be responsible for activities and projects formed under said committee if it comes to pass, though.

While no interlocal agreement had been voted on as of press time Tuesday, several representatives of the affected agencies have expressed support in recent weeks. Tourism Executive Director Bill Stevens said he felt a parks and recreation department would be highly beneficial to residents and visitors alike.

“The whole concept of forming this recreation department or commission I think is a positive move for Tourism, too,” Stevens said during a Feb. 9 meeting of the Tourism commission. “I mean, it’s a way that communications and events can be better coordinated for us. I think as long as we have open communications — that was one of our concerns with the city and the county and the youth activities and sports, we were so sporadic in dealing with volunteer groups in so many ways — I think that it’s a definite way it can bring local tourism, maybe, to a time where we can do more in help promoting some of those things.”

The county was expected to hold its first discussion on the proposed parks and recreation committee Tuesday during a special-called meeting of Trigg County Fiscal Court.

Cadiz Inc Price Volatility Hits A Notable High – CML News

Cadiz Inc, CDZI, Price. volatility

Cadiz Inc Price Volatility Hits A Notable High

Cadiz Inc (NASDAQ:CDZI) Price Volatility Hits A Notable High

Date Published:



This is a proprietary realized volatility rating created by Capital Market Laboratories (CMLviz) based on a large number of data interactions for Cadiz Inc (NASDAQ:CDZI) . We examine
the little used gem of daily stock volatility over a 20-day and 30-day trading period, as well as comparisons to the last year and the actual stock returns over the last three- and six-months
and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indices.

As a heads up, in the “Why This Matters” section at the end of this article on Cadiz Inc (NASDAQ:CDZI) , we’re going to take a step back and show really clearly
that there is actually a lot less “luck” in successful option trading than most people are aware of. This idea of an “option trading expert” is vastly over complicated
so those with the information advantage can continue to profit at the expense of the rest.

But before that, let’s turn back to CDZI. This is a four step process for computing the realized volatility risk. Here we go.

CDZI Recent Price Volatility


Price volatility using proprietary measures has hit a notable high level.

Let’s take a deep dive into some institutional level volatility measures for Cadiz Inc (NASDAQ:CDZI) .

Cadiz Inc Stock Performance

CDZI is up +58.1% over the last three months and up +90.9% over the last six months. The stock price is up +153.9% over the last year. The current stock price is $14.7.

The one-year stock return does not impact the volatility rating since we are looking at a shorter time horizon. However, the rating does examine the 3-month returns and the
absolute difference between the 3-month and 6-month returns.

↪   The 3-month stock return of +58.1% has a large impact on the price volatility rating for CDZI.
↪   The noteworthy difference between the 3-month and 6-month stock returns has a meaningful impact on the price volatility rating for CDZI.

CDZI Step 2: Daily Price Volatility Level

The HV30® takes the stock’s day to day historical volatility over the last 30-days and then annualizes it. The HV20 looks back over just 20-days — a shorter time period. Here is the breakdown for Cadiz Inc (NASDAQ:CDZI) and how the day-by-day price historical volatilities have impacted the rating:

↪   The HV20 of 57.8% is in the middle ground, neither elevated nor depressed, so in this case the raw HV20
number has no impact on CDZI’s volatility rating.

CDZI Step 3: Cadiz Inc HV20 Compared to Indices

* The HV20 for CDZI is substantially larger than that for both the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 which raises the volatility rating.

* The HV20 for CDZI is substantially larger than that for the Industrials ETF (XLI) which raises the volatility rating.

Here is summary data in tabular and chart format.

CDZI Step 4: Daily Volatility Percentiles and Highs

We also examine the annual high of the HV30 in our rating.

↪   The 52 week high in HV30 for CDZI is 87.6%,
which is high and has an upward impact on the price volatility rating.

Here is summary data in tabular and chart format.

Final Price Volatility Percentile Level: CDZI

The final evolution of the volatility rating for Cadiz Inc is a comparison of the HV30 value relative to its past, which is neatly summarized in the percentile — a scoring mechanism that goes from a low of 1 to a high of 100.

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