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CADIZ – The Cadiz Police Department has received information on a phone message scam that is telling you that you are eligible for an emergency medical package. A robotic phone call message is appearing to be placed from the Harrison community Hospital. I have spoken with Administration officials at the Hospital and they advised there are no solicitations of any kind from the Hospital asking for money or any kind of health package.

Teens face detention after incidents in Cadiz – The Steubenville Herald-Star



CADIZ — Teenage antics landed two boys in juvenile detention Tuesday after police arrested them in separate but related incidents.

The two teens were charged with criminal trespass, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, burglary, theft and underage possession of alcohol.

According to Cadiz police Sgt. Ron Carter, police received reports of several youth on the roof of public defender Adrian Pincola’s building on Monday.

There were reports of youth tearing metal flashing off of the roof and tossing it into the street. Carter said enough debris was present that the street department was called to clean up the roadway. Carter said by the time units arrived, the teenagers fled from the area and couldn’t be found.

“We’re waiting on an estimate, but there was an extensive amount of damage,” Carter said. “We had to use the Cadiz Volunteer Fire Department ladder to go up and take a good look at it.”

The next day Carter received a complaint from the Surefast Convenience store on East Market Street about an alleged theft.

Carter reviewed surveillance footage that showed two youngsters entering the store and then going around behind the store and climbing a fence to get into the back door. The footage shows one suspect emerging from the store with two cases of beer, which he tossed over the fence to his companion before they left the scene. Carter was able to identify both boys and caught up to them later that day. Upon being confronted, the boys — ages 16 and 17 — confessed to the theft from the store and the incident at Pincola’s building, prompting an arrest.

Both boys were transported to the Sargus Juvenile Center facility in St. Clairsville.



Cadiz Village Council talks maintenance | News, Sports, Jobs – The … – Martins Ferry Times Leader

Council members listened to village Administrator Charley Bowman as he presented various issues from his report. Bowman talked about the need to put out bids for a new dump truck, as the old vehicle is not functioning properly.

The village is scheduled to replace it next year, but Bowman informed council that the truck is having engine problems, and the bed is completely rusted through. As the total amount for repairs would be $15,000, Bowman asked to move up the purchase of a new truck to this year.

Council members approved the idea, allowing Bowman to begin seeking bids for a new truck. The budget for the truck is $55,000.

Bowman also spoke to council about work that needs done on both Maplewood Drive and Sally Buffalo Park. Bowman said in the case of Maplewood Drive, the village is bidding a waterline replacement and paving projects, as the road has serious drainage issues that can’t be fixed with a simple repaving.

Bowman told council that his revised plans include a number of stormwater catch basins and asphalt curbs to guide water away from residential yards.

The work will also necessitate the changing of the pavement type on the street.

The project is scheduled to bid at the end of the month, and Bowman estimates that the changes will increase the cost of the project considerably, although he could not provide an exact figure at the meeting.

At Sally Buffalo Park, he and Park Manager Scott Porter have found electrical and water issues at Camp Area C, causing the park to close that area to additional campers until an estimate for a water line replacement is obtained. Bowman said the issues are caused by three waterlines of different sizes in the area.

Porter told Bowman that the final electrical work should be done by November.

“It’s significant because we think there’s usually 80 spaces rented at $500 a month, so that’s some significant loss in revenue for us,” Bowman said.

In other business, Police Chief Ryan McCann showed council members the new policy book for Cadiz police officers, helping teach them how to perform their duties and keep village residents safe. In addition to the office copy kept by McCann, each full-time officer in the department will receive their own copy of the book for personal use.

The chief said that the “whole book has been revamped,” and that upon receiving the books officers must sign a statement that they have received the book, and must sign another form within 30 days to indicate they have read the book and understand the policies in it.

Cadiz Village Council will next meet at 7 p.m. Aug. 3 at the municipal building on Court Street.